Dinner Date @ Tsubohachi

Tsubohachi @ Promenade Mall
Tsubohachi @ Promenade Mall

This is a throwback to dinner date with my man @ Tsubohachi at Promenade Mall earlier this month. It was actually our first time at this restaurant. The service was quite impressive. Their staffs were very attentive, making sure we were both taken care of. Their food also tasted great – not too sweet or salty but flavourful. Their price range is borderline expensive for a casual dining out experience but not severely so. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of each dish lol. There was Chashu ramen in what I think is miso soup. Win had Taraba crab claw porridge which had the unique sweetness of Taraba crab. They were both equally yummy. For side dishes, we ordered deep-fried lotus roots crisps which had the right balance of saltiness and crispiness along with cold tofu in shoyu sauce. The potato salad we ordered somehow got mixed up for some other potato dish. However, they immediately changed it to what we originally ordered without fuss. Kudos to them! Will I head back there again? I’d say yes and no. Although food and services were great, I don’t think there’s enough ‘attraction’ that will keep me coming back for more. But I’ll let you be the judge of that :]



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