Soul Searching in Seoul #1

The Beginning of Soul Searching in Seoul, South Korea
Journey to Soul Search in Seoul, South Korea

Crazy as it may sound esp to people who make it their life mission to travel at least once or twice a year, this was actually my first trip abroad in 6 years! Yup, I pretty much dug a hole and lived inside it all this time, buried with work and consumed by fear of spending my hard earned money. As it happened, one of my good friends was looking for a company on a trip to see her heart-throbbing KPOP band concert in S.Korea in early-mid March. I immediately said yes because I was desperate to get away. Then, fear of spending set in and I was ready to back out of our deal. Even after talking it out with family and boyfriend, I was still feeling unease about this whole spontaneous decision thing. It came as no surprise since I’m a self-professed control freak! However, before I decided to go back on my words completely, I gave myself a few days to mull it over. Anxiety was getting the better of me and despite my desperate need to get away, I still felt reluctant. . . No, I’m not one to favour spontaneity in case it’s not obvious lol. Perhaps years of being stuck in one place has something to do with it.

Anyhow, long story short, I went with my initial answer and just ran with it!

And so the story goes!

Ready for Boarding
Ready for Boarding
Make-up off – Ready to take flight! Excuse our haggard appearance lol

We pretty much had to work until the night before our flight! So, no word is needed, our face said it all!

Look somewhat more alive with light make-up on! Ready for landing!
[Our bag tags] Commuting into the city by an airport bus. Ajusshi (uncle) – the driver was very polite and accommodating.

We took a bus because we thought it was the closest/fastest way to reach our apartment we rented on Airbnb. Yes, it was closer than the subway… but… lmao

Yup…. we had to carry our bags up 2 flights of stairs! to cross the railway tracks which go directly underneath the bridge. No kidding! Luckily we both travelled light! Otherwise, this could get pretty tricky.
Had to take a photo of such an epic start to our trip! LOL
Had to take a photo of such an epic start to our trip! LOL
We travelled across the ocean for what?!?!?!? 7-11 MEAL, say whattttt!

We arrived late. Shops and restaurants in the area were closed. We were hungry, cranky, and exhausted from the flight. So a trip down to 7/11 happened…. lol 7/11 staffs back home (Thailand) would usually heat food up for us, but not in Korea I’m afraid. We had to do it ourselves. But that wasn’t the only surprise. The tricky bit was that everything down to ‘minutes’ and ‘seconds’ were written in KOREAN! LOLLLLLLLLLL This was when I had to thank my teenage obsession over K-Drama and Korean language back in High School/Uni. But still, we fumbled with the microwave a while until we could figure out how to get it working. It was fun. I’d say this had cured me of my control nature a bit.

What better place to grab a late night snack/food! Desperate time calls for desperate measure LOL
The damage is done. We bought too much shit lol And couldn’t finish them all. We were stuffed half way through…

That’s it for this post! More to come in the next entry! 😀 Stay tuned !

Thanks for your time.




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