Favourite Podcasts (Updated July 16)

To all you lovely souls out there 🙂

How has everyone been?


For this post, I have here for you a list of my current favourite Podcasts which I find myself gravitate towards the most. Let me know some of yours! I’d love to hear about them.

You can find out more via links I’ve provided directly to their website. I won’t get in to too much details but will give you a brief intro to each one accordingly.

The Truth

Each episode takes you on a unique ride through impeccable sound engineer and thought-provoking storyline. Some will make you smile, some leave you feeling unease. But every time is a transformative experience, especially if you listen to it with a great pair of headphones. 

Category: Entertaining, imaginative, transporting, compelling plot, radio drama, rich in creativity
Format: Storytellings

Death, Sex and Money

The true side of life and issues we sometimes find it hard to talk about with our family and friends. Issues of death, injustice, money, love, loss and more are being discussed here on the show.

Category: Eye opening, intriguing, relatable, based on the life of people
Format: Interviews

Design Matters

If you are interested or even a tad bit curious about design, you will find great pleasure in listening to Debbie Millman (the host) discusses at length and in broad spectrum the ins and outs of the mind of creative individuals. She kept her interview very light-hearted but rich in details. 

Category: Design related, inspirational, educational, creative juice
Format: Interviews

The Monocle Weekly

It’s just a light catch up on creative and lifestyle bits and bobs. Local and international authors, artists, and people from the creative industry are regularly featured here. 

Category: Art and lifestyle, informative, digestible, interesting
Format: News talk & interviews

Quiet: The Power of Introverts

I’m an introvert. So it’s only natural for me to be interested in finding out more about my own kind. This podcast discusses extensively and broadly on different aspects of introverts. Sometimes it’s about how to best guide your introverted kids, other times it just talks about issues many introverted grownups face. 

Category: Empowering, educational, informative, interesting
Format: Interviews


This is by far one of my favourite podcasts of the bunch! I get excited every time they release new episodes. I love listening to it on commute especially when I’m driving. Basically, this show invites people to read their childhood/teenage journals/diaries out loud on stage in front of strangers. And it’s the best thing ever! I died laughing on almost every episode. It’s just too good. 

Category: Funny, entertaining, laugh out loud, relatable, nostalgic
Format: Live shows

The Great Love Debate (TGLD)

If you’re mesmerised by human relationship and interconnectedness or otherwise between two separate beings, this show is basically for you. It’s where relationship ‘experts’ come together to discuss an array of issues surrounding romantic relationship. It’s entertaining and educational to some level.

Category: Intriguing, eye opening, educational, relatable
Format: Debates, conversation, interviews

On Being

On Being talks at great length about what it means to be a human being, including human experience and the meaning of life. With each guest on the show, you’re guaranteed a compelling discussion and deep conversation that will alter the way to see and think of things one way or another. 

Category: Enlightening, intellectual, thought-provoking, food for thought
Format: Interviews, conversation


Criminal is a podcast about crime, but not in an aspect of crime solving. The show presents stories about people have done wrong and been wronged. Some crimes are fascinating, or even unbelievable. I’m hooked!

Category: Law and order, justice system, real life crime
Format: Interviews, conversation


Lea Thau created Strangers featuring real life stories of people we meet and the journey to discovering who we are through encountering strangers and to only realise that we are not that much a stranger after all.  

Category: Slice of life, food for thoughts
Format: Interviews, conversation


Let me know if you have any podcast recommendation! I’d love to add them to my playlist!

Thanks for reading as always



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