The adventure of book hunt : Book Talk [#1]


After a week of having buried my nose in this book and becoming completely invested in the story, I was wildly pleased with the way the mystery unfolded even though it felt like there were too many loose ends at times. And it’s not surprising since I only discovered half way through the novel that there is a prospect of book 4 and 5 still in the making.

The story follows a female spy/agent, Irene, and her assistant, Kai, who were sent by a mysterious Library on a dangerous book hunt to an alternate London (a version of many Londons) where chaos was infesting and unruly, unnatural, and unpredictable magic was being practiced. As they embarked on this adventure to retrieve the book, several mysteries unravelled, some remained unresolved and unclear. 


With the first book, The Invisible Library, it took a few chapters for me to get into the storyline and start rooting for the two protagonists – Irene and Kai. Since I’m a hopeless romantic, naturally I had high hope for some romance to blossom between the two. Alas I was disappointed as there was only few moments of tension but innocent exchanges between them. By the time I finished the book, I was left feeling unsatisfied. However, an interesting use of unique mythology and the introduction to imaginative landscape kind of made up for its lack of love interest in some ways. The story is rich with magical elements and complex plot with secret societies of villains and alliances, keeping you on edge from chapter to chapter. I’m glad I had already went out of my way to acquire the second book and will be looking forward to book 3 in December of 2016.

Flavour: Adventurous, action, fantasy, gripping, crime-solving investigation
Tastiness: Dangerously Addictive *4.5/5*



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