Big Bad Wolf Bangkok 2016 Book Sale

Are you a lover and collector of written words? Or you simply enjoy engrossing yourself in a good book every once in a while? No matter, be sure to check out Big Bad Wolf Bangkok book sales this weekend! You will most likely find yourself a good book or two! It is going to quench any bookworms’ extreme literature thirst with a variety of books ranging from children’s picture books, young adult fictions, romance, cooking, self-help, design-related, and other random reference books. It’s without a doubt the biggest English book sales there ever was! Not to mention the biggest, unthinkable 60-80% discount! And I’m not just talking about the usual marketing tactic where discount is available only on selected items type thing. They actually do give you an amazing discount on all books! Starting price is 140THB!

Photo by : Tonk Wuttha
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I particularly enjoyed browsing and getting lost among piles and piles of children’s books! Lately I’ve gotten into a habit of collecting illustrated story books. I think they really are charming and the drawing in each one is unique and diverse in aesthetic and style.

I meant to write about this last week before being swarmed by other paid works… (yes, I’m juggling a million other things at once) As it happens, this weekend is going to be the last few days before this book heaven ends. So, you need to hurry! What’s different and exciting about this sales is that the it opens around the clock on Friday through Sunday! If you fancy book shopping/book browsing in the early hours of the morn, this is your chance!

BBWBKK is held at a massive warehouse space at IMPACT ARENA venue in Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok.


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Had to have this photographed lol
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The splurge had only just begun!
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“ooooooh… nice cover… I want…but wait a sec…do I actually need this?”

You may not know this about me, but I’m a huge hoarder when it comes to books. And I do regularly judge a book by its cover design. I know people say that the cover isn’t necessarily a reflection of its content but it shows how much thought and attention are put into it. I’m a picky hoarder in that respect. Sometimes I would even go so far as to critique the typeface used inside the book. I know what you’re thinking, ‘SHE’S WELL MAD!’. You might be right lol but there’s no shame in that.


Processed with VSCO with q1 preset
The damage was quite extensive lol


I’m going back there to splurge some more as we speak! Apparently new books have been restocked 😀 Will report back on what books I got the second time around.

Hope you enjoy this post! And happy book shopping to you guys!



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