Shapeless Shadow

Processed with VSCOcam with p7 preset

It feels like every light in the room is switched off in that instant.

A powerful presence emerges, slowly taking its shape in front of me. Though shapeless, I feel its stubbornness and strong resistance. It’s growing large in height as I watch, overshadowing and blocking my view from what is behind it. It stares me in the eyes with features that resemble most of mine but uglier and more distorted version. There are usually more of them. But there is just one of them this time. Heat radiates through my body as if on cue causing it to tremble slightly. I sense the shadow’s satisfaction in this power struggle and mind game. It chuckles silently but victoriously as if knowing how this game is about to unfold. Me will be in fury and rage, and the shadow wins.

Then silence.
And nothing.
Like I am in a vacuum of emotion.

Suddenly I am greeted by a different energy – a beautiful and vibrant kind. I know that it is here to fight off the shapeless shadow’s presence. It reminds me of how strong I am to overcome this. When my vision returns, I sense the vibrant energy making its way towards my human heart. The weight I didn’t know existed is suddenly lifted. I feel less anxious and unease. My heart beat slows down. The shadow begins to shrink and eventually retreats in defeat back to its chaotic universe.

I breathe and manage a smile at the people who agitated me a moment ago. I feel okay. I am okay. The shadow didn’t win. And the world isn’t at all a dark and depressive place after all.


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