Chiangmai We Go…


The sole and main purpose of this trip was to suss out some housing issues in Chiangmai. However me and my dad did have a day to spare and it had resulted in a morning spontaneous visit to a waterfall which had then turned into a 45-min trekking up and down the steep, damped, slippery path. lol Spontaneity is not my thing. This was definitely outside my comfort zone. Not to mention how physically demanding it was for an unfit person like myself to tackle on such activity…


I was in skinny jeans and wore a pair of slip-on which were unsuited for the rocky slope we had to climb. How any more unplanned could this trip be lol. I believe we spent roughly about 45 mins both ways and successfully conquered the 10-level waterfall with sweaty armpits and breathlessness despite being unprepared. Much to my surprise I must add lol.

A small lesson to take away from this little adventure would be to loosen up more for 2017. Be less hard on myself and practice spontaneity. Don’t try to make life a straightforward path, zig zag a bit, explore more and take pleasure in getting lost.




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