Here’s to 2017


Life Lessons of 2016:

– Money will buy you things but not everything
– Don’t live against your own grain
– Don’t be swept away by the norm
– Don’t lose sight of what’s important
– Forgive but don’t forget
– Not everyone deserves a second chance
– Be a problem solver not a blamer
– Choose to work w/ people w/ good vibes
– Some secrets are worth protecting
– Don’t be gullible
– Don’t give up easily
– Commit more and be consistent
– Action before word
– Selfishness never gets people far
– Generosity goes a long way
– Practice kindness and compassion
– Expectation kills creative energy
– Success by definition varies for everyone

– Don’t look for comparison
– Do everything with good intention
– Don’t be disheartened when things don’t work out
– Disappointment is illusive
– Remain a pessimist with realistic view
– Not everyone is your friend, let them go
– Defo not a boss material
– Reflect often
– Trust your intuition
– Everything comes full circle
– Everything happens for a reason
– When people care, they’ll make it known
– Stay clear of superficial relationship
– Feel
– Be human
– Stay curious
– Let go


Then 2016 died,
Leaving behind
Traces of unprocessed thought
And unanswered questions

2017 begun
With promises of
Whirlwind fun
And beauty of
Uncomposed orchestra

And then it goes
Round and round


HNY 2017. Make it count!



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